Technological innovation isn’t only about apps and platforms. At its core, it’s about improving lives, and we firmly believe that better lives begin with better food. To that end, we’ve transformed a struggling town in the north of Israel into a center of innovation in food tech, including everything from plant genetics and crop projections to water recycling and high-tech protein solutions.

This new hub combines Israel’s historic excellence in agricultural with its international leadership in cutting-edge technologies. It is part of our Israel Initiative 2020, an effort to unite our international network of strategic partners, multinational agricultural companies, top academic institutions and researchers, and regional entrepreneurs. But while we bring cutting-edge technologies like AI and Big Data to Israel’s orchards and fields, we’re helping to reshape not only the food industry but some of the most pressing issues facing the world today, from food scarcity to draughts that start armed conflicts.




Hanamal 17 & 59 St Haifa 3303124, Israel


Under development


Yariv Lustig Architects & Studio OPA Interior Space Design


Healthcare IT


2,000 SQM