Margalit Startup City Jerusalem is located at the restored British Empire Mint, one of Jerusalem’s most celebrated historical buildings. The thriving campus now houses more than 200 startups and entrepreneurs, from funded companies disrupting their industries to renowned cultural initiatives like the Zappa Jerusalem, a performance space that nurtures established and up-and-coming artists alike. All this makes Margalit Startup City the center of innovation, business, and culture in Jerusalem, a city that only three decades ago was considered far from a financial, technological, and artistic hub, and that today is listed as one of the top 25 leading innovation cities in the world.

Our success is predicated on three principles.

First, we believe in empowering the local population to solve their communal challenge, which is why we’ve invested in engaging Israeli Arabs, Orthodox Jews, and other groups that have traditionally benefited little from Israel’s economic growth. This initiative is driven by our non-profit arm, the Margalit Foundation, which runs the Bakehila community project and has helped more than 30,000 underprivileged Israelis get their start in business.

Second, we believe in public-private partnerships, which is why we’re collaborating with local government, universities, companies, and anyone lese committed to our goal of making Jerusalem thrive. Visit our campus today, and you’ll find some of the world’s leading VCs and a host of the corporate world’s biggest names, including PepsiCo, Tesco, Microsoft, and Deloitte, all partnering up with local executives to make Jerusalem’s economy grow.

Third, we focus on fields where we have proven expertise, including artificial intelligence, computer vision, cloud technology, and the Internet of Things.


24 Hebron Road Jerusalem 93542, Israel




Chief Architect of the British Empire’s Public Works  Department Austin St. Barb Harrison


JVP HQ and Margalit Startup City HQ


5,200 SQM