With new technologies making communications and commerce a truly global enterprise, it’s only right that New York City will emerge as the center of the bustling international economy. And yet, with new opportunities come new challenges, first among them the question of cybersecurity and how to keep our thriving digital assets growing and safe from attack. Towards that end, we’ve partnered with the city of New York to create the Margalit Startup City New York, a cybersecurity-minded home for market leaders in New York’s most important industries including Financial Services, Media, Healthcare, Wellness, Smart Cities, and Retail. Our 50,000-square-foot space is located in SoHo, and was designed by the same firm that gave us iconic spaces like Apple’s corporate HQ and the Apple stores.

Leveraging JVP’s deep expertise, the Hub will provide growth-stage startups not only with space but also with tailored programming, access to New York City’s local customer base, and advice on issues ranging from HR to social media marketing. It will also serve as the headquarters of JVP’s portfolio companies and activities in the United States.

Partnership with the city of New York / EDC

Margalit Startup City New York will be home for the International NYC Cyber Investment Center. The center was awarded as part of a bid by JVP, Columbia, Cornell Tech, NYU and CUNY, to lead the investment center as part of a $100M plan by the city to turn N.Y. into the leading cyber center.



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